The POINT of the Hoodie

The Travon Martin case has received national attention and continues to be the topic of discussion lately.  It supersedes most news events in African American households.  However as a native Kansas Citian, I am not happy with the outcome. It appears that many have jumped on the bandwagon of the latest CRAZE instead of being solution minded.  Kansas City is faced with an epidemic that is as contagious as any plague. This is an epidemic that is not the result of RACIAL inequalities. It is the result of standing by and ALLOWING our children to run the streets without ACCOUNTABILITY.  It is the result of NEGLECTING the teachings of our ancestors: IT TAKE A VILLAGE.  It is the result of simply NOT CARING. There is not a candlelight vigil on this planet that is going to stop this epidemic.

However, if we become creative PARENTS, ADULTS, ROLE MODELS AND CITIZENS, we can affect CHANGE.  Find a troubled young person and become a MENTOR. Join Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Pray for those you cannot reach but don’t forget to PLANT THE SEED so that the next person can water. MENTOR a parent.  Yes I said it. Some parents simply don’t have what it takes to be effective or are too tired to care.  Be a listening ear.  STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. Be the solution.    Wearing a hoodie may have brought attention to the Martin case but it has not become the medicine needed to soothe this ailment that we see on the local news daily.

Many may not like what is said but you cannot argue the need for CHANGE.  The need for a solution.  We can argue the POINT of the Hoodie or we can use our energies to think of solutions.  It is up to you.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You are right we have stopped our community mentality but that is a result of parents who believe their kids can’t do wrong and become belligerent when you try to address their kids. My policy has always been if I see your kids I’m gonna talk to them and I gonna tell you too. Unfortunately parents are getting young and younger since they lost their childhood they want to be their child’s friend not parent and additionally they let their kids out so they will be out of their hair. Its an epidemic.

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