Learning to Trust God While Being Rerouted

Yesterday was quite emotional. I feel like I am being redirected but I don’t know what God wants from me right now.  Making time to be quiet and hear has always been a struggle. Many days I feel like I have taken life by the horns but in reality, I am just treading water.  While working to update my blogs and social media or my business I came across this podcast that was timely.  It doesn’t even fit the parameters in my program (I was looking at things about saving money and being frugal) but it must be here for a reason!  I have never cried so much on a job but yesterday I could not seem to stop.  I can’t seem to pull it together. Things I normally do to be successful have not been done.  I don’t know why.  I feel paralyzed and unable to push through this season so yesterday I had to embrace that I may be in a season that I may have to ‘buffer until I break‘ so that I can move to my next place.  I found myself thinking that if God is doing something, I am ready… but am I really?

Listen to this podcast. Maybe it will bless you like it blesses me.



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