Relationship? I think NOT!

Lately I have encountered young ladies that say they are in relationships with guys who lie to them, on them, cheat on them, yell at them, hit them and ignore them. For some reason I cannot get my arms around how that relationship is beneficial. Each time I hear these stories I want to reach out and shake the young ladies and say: WAKE UP! He IS NOT the man God would have for you! Just think about how God treats you. He is not a man that he would lie. He has time for you and listens to you when you call. You don’t have to share him with anyone. When he speaks to you his voice is so sweet. He sacrificed and gave of his only son for you.

With all the qualities that God has, why would he send you someone that mistreats you? He loves you so much that he is preparing your PERFECT MATCH. Stop settling and let the God send you someone special.

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