In and Out Laws

Lately I have had some friends get engaged or talk about getting married. As I listen to them I coin my ear to hear how they feel about their in-laws. Not loving or caring for the family of the fiancé can be problematic out the gate. These people will be family and we CANNOT pick your family. I have heard the phrase: I did not marry his mother or I did not marry his sisters… Well unfortunately you did. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Knowing this you should move forward in developing a loving relationship with these other family members. Invite them over for events, spend one on one time with each of them and go out of your way to LEARN their likes and dislikes. The worst thing you can do is force your fiancé or spouse to feel like they must choose between you and the family they have always known. It is not fair to them or the children that may come from your union. If you have done all that you can and you cannot seem to get acclimated into the family don’t fret. GOD is not done. He will honor your attempts to build a relationship. Just pray and place the matter in his hands. Continue to show love. Don’t be an OUT-LAW! Be the in-law that sets the standard.

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