How long:  A period of 7 days to remove toxins.  Day 1: 1/9/2017


  • Raw fruits and vegetables. Try to stay as raw as you can and only steam when necessary to get the most nutrients.
  • Juicing and drinking Smoothies is recommended.
  • Drink lots of water and 100% juice.
  • Read labels or make yourself.
  • Prep for your week IN ADVANCE. Nuts like almonds and pistachios are allowed.
  • Honey and aguave are allowed.


  • Dairy
  • Pasta and Bread
  • Caffeinated drinks and soda
  • Processed foods
  • Meat of any kind

Please make sure you get plenty of rest!  Not getting enough sleep can impede the results.

Check back often for updates



  1. I feel today real tired for some reason. But I’m hanging in there. I already messaged you about my doctor’s visit. I going to rest this evening and try again tomorrow. I think I’m going to make me a spinach, strawberry, walnut salad, and drink my water. TTYL

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