Come As You Are

Come as you are (Matt 11:28) is a statement that is often misused. What does this statement really mean? It means, don’t wait until you stop partying, drinking, smoking, sinning to come to God. Come to him just as you are. In reality, you really need God to loose the shackles of sin and shame. You cannot do it by yourself. If you could, you would haveā€¦ This statement is also meant to get rid of the excuses we sometimes use to avoid stepping foot inside a church when God is tugging on our hearts. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until you have the clothes that will make you look CHURCHY. Don’t wait until you have the money you think the Saints have. Don’t wait until you get your life right. Come right now. He is reaching out to you now. He wants to hear from you know. He wants you to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Won’t you come?


On the Other Side

Now, once you come to God and know better, you do better. That simply means that the outfit you wore a year ago when you got saved that you used to wear to the club may or may not be appropriate for a woman who believes her body is a temple and does not want to be a distraction to others. It also means that the way you talk will begin to change. The profanity that may have been your primary form of communication no longer feels or sounds right coming from your purified lips. Are you following me? The people you used to hang out with that may have pressured you to get into mess, drama and trouble no longer seem like fun. The places you used to go no longer have the same appeal. This is simply growth in your Christian walk. It’s not immediate and its not always easy but it is POSSIBLE. All you have to do is COME AS YOUR ARE and let Jesus do the rest. He will meet you where you are.

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