Being Faithful and Wise With Your Finances

Just how much wisdom do we use when dealing with our finances? Since this is the start of a new year lets work on a few easy things that can help us with our finances.

Eating out is so easy and convenient but it can add up quickly. Take some time and plan your menu then grocery shop based off that menu. Take an evening or Saturday and cook a few meals to store up for the week. This will help alleviate the temptation to eat out.

We are such a busy society and we are always on the go. It can save gas wear and tear on your vehicle to just stop and plan your trips. Maybe you don’t have to drive 20 minutes across town on Monday if you have to go to the same area on Thursday. Taking the time to map things out can save you time, gas, money and the environment.

When was the last time you evaluated your utility use? Do you stand at the sink brushing your teeth while the water runs? Turn the water off while you brush. Employ an egg timer to make sure your showers are only 5 minutes. Invest in a digital thermostat so that you can have the temperature turned down automatically when no one is home during the day. Stop washing every day. Set aside one day a week to and a couple of hours to wash all your clothes. If you retrieve the clothes as soon as the machine stops spinning you will be done washing in a few hours. If you do this for a couple of months you will see some immediate results.

We all want God to give us more. However we must show God that we have our priorities together. We must first pay God with our tithes. Then we must pay ourselves. This could be any amount you can afford so that you can get a few things each paycheck for yourself or put into your savings. Next you need to pay your bills. You need to get squared away with those you owe also. If you ask to borrow $20 until Friday and it has been 2 weeks, you are out of order. Call them. Don’t let them have to call you. If you don’t have it make arrangements. Be a man or woman of your word. God can bless you when he sees you working hard to be faithful and wise with what he has already blessed you with.

Hope you enjoyed this. Live well, live blessed!

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