Act Like a Lady

There is so much to being a ‘LADY’ that we sometimes forget. Unfortunately there is a generation of young ladies that have no clue where to start. It involves so much more than just cute clothes and looking the part. It is how she carries herself. How she treats others. The confidence she eludes. It is her sense of security. Being a lady is truly embracing her nurturing side. A lady knows when to fight and when to hold her tongue.

When Steve Harvey wrote his book: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man I was appalled for many reasons.

  1. Most women don’t know how to be ladies so they cannot comprehend what it means to ACT like one.
  2. There is NO acting in being a lady. A lady just is.
  3. A man’s thought process is inconsequential because they enjoy the hunt and will do just about anything to get the final reward.
  4. Being a lady does not involve a probationary period before sleeping with a man. He will abstain if he knows that lady is his reward.
  5. A lady knows that a man that pressures her is not truly a man. He is a boy trying to get what he wants and has yet more growing up to do.

Being a lady can only be taught by example from those that are striving to be so seek wisdom in your actions because your peers and the next generation are WATCHING.


K Long

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