72 Hour Challenge Putting You In A BAD Mood?

One of our recent posts issued a 72 Hour Challenge!

The gist:  Every 72 hours sit down and balance your accounts, review your budget and update your payoff plans. This keeps you motivated, on task and will help you discover issues before they happen. Let’s end the cycle of paying overdraft fees and using high interest credit cards and/or title loans.
Have a plan/Follow your plan/Amend your plan as needed.

Take the 72 hour challenge and let me know how it worked out of you.
Tools That Change Lives

I want to take a minute and talk about Mint and Mint Bills. These 2 apps get the most bang when used together. Keeping your finances organized is your primary goal when trying to get out of debt. These apps will help you get organized, stay organized and they are FREE!
Developed by Intuit, the same company that brought us Quicken and QuickBooks these apps offer lots of options like the desktop versions. Some of the advantages are:
• Free!
• There is as web based version and an Android App (I haven’t looking into iPhone)
• You can load property, retirement, investments and bills into these apps to view in one place.
• There is an option to get your credit score for… FREE!
• The apps are paid for by other sponsors and their ads are available in the app but are not intrusive. Some of the sponsors have GREAT products and services and the recommendations are based on your financial needs (if the app notices that you pay for checking, it will recommend a bank that offers free checking).

My Recommendations

I recommend that if you decide to trial the apps that you get the full benefit of all that they offer. First you may want to you add your bills so you can get bill reminders and not miss another due date. You can make a payment through the app from one of the accounts you set up at NO COST. Next, you should really take the time to view your net worth by adding all your property and your retirement accounts. This will give you a full picture of what to do next. Now set up some goals. You can set up more than one goal at a time and if your property and retirement accounts are loaded you can make a more informed decision.

As always, I am here to help.

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