I created this blog to SHARE.  Share recipes, restaurant reviews, book reviews, financial advice and other things on my heart.  I love to cook and I am a foodie so it’s just natural that I share some of these experiences.  On the other hand I am an avid reader. I LOVE reading.  It doesn’t matter if its a book, an article or a magazine.  Over the years I have learned that many are not what my son calls BOOK WORMS like myself.  They don’t have the patience to read all of a book, magazine or article.  My goal with this blog is to SUMMARIZE some of what I come in contact with and drive some traffic to my favorite authors and publisher that have valuable information.

As far as finances are concerned, it is my intention to make my family debt free by 2025 (or sooner).  This includes mortgages and STUDENT LOANS.  This has been quite an adventure thus far.  I follow many financial advisers and I have taken away various tools and ideas in order to come up with a method that works for my family and I.  During this journey, I am constantly asked for advice.  I want to share some of what I learned and answer some of the questions I get in hopes that you will be blessed and avoid some of the time consuming legwork that I have already experienced.

Now you know about Katina and her blog. Happy reading!

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